CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS: The "crack" explained!

August 2, 2016



Chiropractic adjustments are used to specifically correct joint dysfunctions in the spine and peripheral joints – that is, areas identified as having immobility or dysfunctional movement.

Normally, the surfaces of our joints are lubricated with a smooth fluid (synovial fluid) and held together by a negative pressure.  Joint cavitation or "the crack" is a common occurrence with joint manipulation and while the sound may be daunting, it is important to know it is not the sound of bones breaking or ligaments tearing!  


In the event of a dysfunctional or painful joint, a rapid, well-measured force in a particular direction causes a momentary separation of the joint space and a sudden release of gas within the joint, resulting in the audible “crack”. Love them or loathe them, these snap,crackle and pop sounds are harmless and are not actually vital to the effectiveness of the adjustment. The specific correction of joint movement serves to restore optimal alignment and mobility of the joint, consequently removing patterns of dysfunction and even reducing local pain, muscular spasm and inflammation.


Chiropractic adjustments of the spine and joints, if performed by a qualified professional, are widely recognised as being a safe and effective method for the treatment of musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction in people of all ages. Techniques are modified depending on the age, health and presentation of each individual and are only performed if safe and clinically appropriate to do so.  While there are many different techniques to deliver joint adjustments or manipulations, your practitioner will perform a thorough examination and utilise techniques most suitable to you as an individual.


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